eJIFCC 2015 Vol 26 no° 1

Download: eJIFCC_January_2015.pdf (3 MB)

· Foreword of the editor
  Gábor L. Kovács

· Measuring the impact of laboratory medicine on clinical management and patient outcomes
  Mike Hallworth

· Diagnostic errors and laboratory medicine – causes and strategies
  Mario Plebani

· Towards better test utilization – strategies to improve physician ordering
   and their impact on patient outcomes
   Danielle B. Freedman

· Collaborating with international clinical organizations
  Howard A. Morris

· The impact for patient outcomes of failure to follow up on test results. How can we do better?
  Joanne Callen, Andrew Georgiou, Julie Li, Johanna I Westbrook

· The clinical and health economic value of clinical laboratory diagnostics
  Bruce Jordan, Cheryl Mitchell, Andy Anderson, Norbert Farkas, Richard Batrla

· Evaluating biomarkers for guiding treatment decisions
  Patrick M. Bossuyt, Parvin Tajik

· Book review — A Practical Guide to ISO 15189 in Laboratory Medicine
  Joseph B. Lopez

· Book review — Practical Clinical Chemistry: Core Concepts
  Barna Vasarhelyi

Download: eJIFCC_January_2015.pdf (3 MB)

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