Journal of Medical Biochemistry is the legal successor of the journal Yugoslav Medical Biochemistry, and for this reason, it has initiated digitalization of previous editions of Yugoslav Medical Biochemistry to make them available in electronic form in the database on the website of the Society of Medical Biochemists of Serbia (

During the process, the IT department has screened the following scientific papers

Association of ApoE Polymorphiosma with Serum Lipids in Serbian Healthy Population
Sanja Stanković, Vesna Spasojević-Kalimanovska, Dragan Alavantić
Jugoslov Med Biohem 2000:19: 115-120
The Effect of a Gender Difference in the Apolipoprotein E Gene DNA Polymorphism on Serum Lipid Levels in a Serbian Healthy Population
Sanja Stanković, Sanja Glišić, Dragan Alavantić
Clin Chem Lab Med 2000; 38(6): 539-544

and discovered a high level of plagiarism between these two papers – 67%, 45% of which from CCLM. Also, four tables which are identical in both papers were not taken into account, and the trials in both papers were carried out on 591 subjects, which would lead to an even greater percentage of self-plagiarism of the authors. Namely, these are identical papers, which points to the authors self-plagiarism. Please note that both papers were published almost simultaneously, and the version of the paper which was sent to the CCLM had to undergo certain corrections, which probably led to minimal differences and the change of the title.

This is a criminal act of autoplagiarism that is not allowed in the scientific community, according to all the rules of the code of ethics relating to the publication of scientific findings.

For these reasons, the Editorial Board of the Journal will inform those concerned and withdraw the paper first of all from the National Library of Serbia and other databases where our journal is indexed (CCLM, WAME, COPE, SCOPUS, EMBASE, VINITI, KoBSON, etc.). Please find attached both papers.

Please find attached both papers:

1. JMB Rad (PDF)
2. The Effect of a Gender Difference in the Apolipoprotein E Gene DNA Polymorphism on Serum Lipid Levels in a Serbian Healthy Population (PDF)

Editorial Board
Journal of Medical Biochemistry


Zahvaljujemo na Vašem mejlu i obaveštavamo Vas o sledecem:
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Jednom objavljen i odštampan rad ne može se kasnije obrisati ni iz jednog izvora. Ono što je potrebno uraditi jeste da Vi u sledećem redovnom broju časopisa u odeljku Erratum ili Correction objavite podatak o povlačenju rada. Nakon toga, svi izvori koji referišu vaš časopis, na osnovu tog podatka, napraviti konekciju sa originalnim radom koji se povlači. U prilogu Vam dostavljam primere iz našeg servisa DoiSerbia, kao i iz Web of Science baze: SciSint Editorial note o povlačenju rada - primer saopštenja uredništva, SciSint retracted rad na DoiSerbia - primer obaveštavanja o povlačenju rada na DoiSerbia stranici, i povezivanje sa radom u kome je objavljeno saopštenje uredništva, SciSint retracted rad - primer pdf-a rada koji se povlači preko koga se stavlja oznaka Retracted, WoS - retraction - primer povezivanja povučenog rada i uredničke objave u Web of Science bazi.

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